Mariager Højskole


Al undervisning på Leadership Stream foregår på engelsk. Derfor er beskrivelsen også på engelsk. 

Vision for Leadership Stream
We want to see: “A variety of new leaders ready to serve God in the church and in the world.”

“A variety of leaders”
• Leadership Stream is a leader and co-worker training program equipping you to take responsibility and make a difference in the church and society.
• We want to invest in you who have a ministry gift as a pastor, teacher, evangelist, youth pastor, children- or youth worker, or church planter. • We want to invest in you who have a calling to serve God in music ministry, as a cellgroup leader etc. • We want to invest in you who sense a calling to serve God in other areas of ministry; - areas that in the past didn’t relate to ministry (managers, companies, social workers, politicians, actors, and other people of influence).
• We want to lay a healthy human and theological foundation and give you the tools to be a good leader.
• We will give you intense training that qualifies you for leadership within and outside of the church.
• We will focus rather on who you are and can be than on what you are going to do. Character building, competence, and personal development will be keywords. • We will train you through a mix of teaching, training and coaching. Leadership Stream We focus on leadership and what is required to lead others in a Christian setting. It is a requirement, that you have some theological training and/or experience.

The Goals for Leadership Stream
• To help and develop you as an emerging leader
• To teach you to know your own “voice”, with strengths and weaknesses
• To train you to motivate yourself • To evidence servant leadership
• To encourage good habits that make your leadership credible
• To make you create an atmosphere of faith that motivates others
• To instruct you how to create positive group dynamics.

Teachers on Leadership Stream
The teachers responsible for the Leadership Stream are Leif Petterson and Kent Jakobsen.